The Bike Depot

DU Master Mechanics Class

Course Description:

The Bike Depot Master Mechanics series is our most comprehensive class and covers bike maintenance, assembly and overhaul from the ground up.

Taught over six consecutive weeks using the Park Tool's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair, we cover the how to of a basic bike tune like flat fixes, spot truing wheels, and minor brake and derailleur cable adjustments. After that we move into the nitty gritty where you will learn in depth trouble-shooting, maintenance, overhaul and install of brake, drive train and bearing systems along with techniques for wheel tension & truing.

Whether you are looking to explore opportunities as a professional bike mechanic, or just up you game as a home wrencher, this class is the perfect place to learn!

While there is some opportunity to work on personal bikes, students typically work on donated bicycles set aside for our Earn-A-Bike and Children's Bike Rodeo programs as a way to support and provide access for folks who might not otherwise be able to afford a bicycle.  In this way students leave the course not only with a sense of accomplishment and the skills of a trained bike mechanic, but also the knowledge that they have made a positive impact in the community.

Gloves and aprons are provided as this class can get messy at times!!



Registration is required 24 hours in advance.

Note: DU classes are available only to students, faculty and staff at DU. 

*Each course consists of six classes spread over six consecutive Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm.

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